Lifetime Breeding Rights OPPORTUNITY!!

Nov 04, 2014

Can you think of a asset or horse you can buy today that has $0 (ZERO) overhead?  Zero expenses, maintenance or upkeep costs?  Finding an investment like that would be rare indeed, but what would make it even crazier is if that asset could actually appreciate or become more valuable!  We have an offering for you at a price that is too good to be true, but before we get to the offering - here are some things we'd like you to think about:

In the breeding business, there is an abundance of stallions to choose from and the choices can become quite daunting indeed.  Wading through those waters can be quite deep.  Its easy to hitch your wagon (your mare) to the flavor of the month (stallions a plenty) and hope for the best.  You can spend countless hours analyzing and reanalyzing pedigrees, conformation, performance records, sire production, market factors etc etc etc.  In general, a junior stallion (a stallion that has yet to have performers) have lower breed fees than say sires (a stallion that has performers on record) with a high breed fee to foal earning ratio.  
Great sires can cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of $’s to buy.  Buying into a great sire is an option that breeders should explore with long term benefits to their own personal programs.  Some options they have:
Syndications have been known to pop up on great stallions in which investors can buy a % of a stallion and share in the income and expenses of the syndicated stallion.  There are great advantages to a good syndication, but also some big downsides if the stallion isn’t generating enough income to cover expenses or if an owner within the syndicate no longer pays their share of expenses, it drags the other owners into that unfortunate mess.
Lifetime breeding rights are an option in which an annual breeding right to a particular stallion is purchased for the lifetime of that stallion.  Unlike a syndicate where there is actual ownership thus having to pay for the care of the stallion, advertising, insurance, nomination fees etc - a lifetime breeding right has none of that.  The owner of the stallion pay for all expenses and the owners' of the lifetime breeding right gets to breed to that stallion ever year for no breed fees.  These breeding rights are an actual asset that can be sold at anytime by the owner of said lifetime breeding right.
We have strived for excellence with our program and have no doubt been blessed with great results and tremendous support by mare owners.  Without our mare owners, we would not have such great success.  Hydrive Cat and TR Dual Rey had their best breeding seasons in the past 4 years in 2014!  Hydrive Cat bred 148 and TR Dual Rey bred 87 in 2014!
We are very excited to offer Lifetime Breeding Right opportunities for both stallions and see this as a huge advantage to mare owners on these TOTALLY PROVEN SIRES!

Limited Offering

Lifetime Breeding Rights

Summary PER Share (Download here)

2 breedings the first year, 1 breeding every year thereafter

Chute fee only due for each mare

Live foal guarantee on each breeding

No overhead (not syndicate shares, so: no board, no vet, no advertising - NONE)

Good through the breeding life of the stallion

Guarantee 5 healthy live foals

HYDRIVE CAT - Price $17,000 (At this price and these terms - the LTB is paid for in third year)

TR DUAL REY - Price $9,000 (At this price and these terms - the LTB is paid for in second year)

Package Pricing: $25,000

See the power of Owning vs. Renting!

Join our Team and let our Program be part of your Program!!

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