Reflection and the Future

Feb 16, 2017

Originally posted on January 19, 2017

Happy New Year!


Isn’t it just awesome that foaling coincides with the New Year!  God truly does love horses, gestation is eleven months and breeding season starts first week of February…  Coincidence?  Nope, God is a horseman for sure!


In America, we bring in the New Year with grand parties filled with abundance of food, family and friends.  I’ve celebrated the New Year twice outside of the USA thus far in my life, both times while I lived in Taiwan.  The Chinese follow the lunar calendar and when they ring in the New Year – celebrations and festivities can last up to two weeks!  Of course there are many cultural traditions with the New Year.  From my understanding, most focus on reflection, celebration and hope for prosperity.


What does the New Year mean to you?  It is good to reflect on the past, but we must live in the now and constantly strive for a better future.  I’m not a much of one for reflection.  I don’t really think about what happened yesterday.  To me, the past is the past.  Kind of like reading a book, each page I read I don’t see the need to go back and reread the last page over again.  But of course, there are times when reflection is necessary for improvement so that our tomorrow’s can be better, right?  My brother Spencer is good for me in this.  I’ve spent a lot of time with him lately and it has been really great.  I’m blessed to have four awesome older siblings; each has taught me different things.  Spencer for whatever reason gets me to have some inner reflection.  This recent time with him and the New Year, I’ve reflected where we have come as a program and where we want to go.


2017 has started with a bang for us!  We have added 7 new stallions to our Roster and I’m pumped!!  The stallions I have managed over the past few years have really made me proud and their owners are like family to us.  Nothing is more important for our Team than to represent the owners and horses we manage to the very best of our abilities.  First class, all the way.  These new additions bring a lot of energy and a special buzz is happening here at the ranch.  We have diversified not only the bloodlines but also disciplines!  It is no secret that my discipline of choice to compete in is cutting.  I personally prefer to watch football more than baseball and basketball.  But, doesn’t mean I still don’t love to watch baseball and basketball.  Adding two reining stallions: Pretty Peppy Chec and This Guns For Nic is something we have wanted to do for years!  A new barrel stallion that I am very impressed with and just beautiful too is Ragged Charm.  Not everyday a true life Legend walks through your door, but we feel fortunate that Third Cutting is here!  A special stallion and sire.  We have added a little color to the stud barn with a gorgeous blue roan stud, Lil Spoon, he has been well received by mare owners and we are excited to see his future as a sire.  A little black stallion with heart the size of Texas!  Once You Go Black has won nearly $200,000 and will continue to be shown through 2017.  A truly beautiful barrel stallion named Ragged Charm, uniquely bred for barrel and any ranch versatility work.  Fantastic Cat also joins us, already a proven sire with limited foal crops and I’m hearing great reports on his 3 year old crop from some leading trainers.


So now I come back to my comment on reflection.  I have deep pride in my heritage and family history.  Growing up in the horse business, I have seen it all.  The past 8 years living in Texas and working every day doing what I love has been great.  It’s not all sunshine and roses, in fact it is more of a lot of blood, sweat and tears than anything else.  The roller coaster of life has many ups and downs.  A perspective in life of staying positive is what keeps me focused on the future and striving always for a better tomorrow.


I feel truly blessed to do what I love and the liberty for the pursuit of happiness.  I am so optimistic when it comes to the future.  As we have diversified and expanded our stallion roster, I am just pumped to roll up my sleeves and get to work!  Mares are foaling, newness of life is happening daily.  Breeding starts in less than a month and the cycle begins again.  What a ride this is.  Best wishes to all in 2017 and as always, if we can do anything for you – we are here to serve!

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