Shane D. Plummer - Owner / President

Stallion Management

Shane is a versatile entrepreneur with extensive experience across multiple industries. As a second-generation horseman, his deep-rooted passion for the equine world has driven him to assume various leadership roles and excel in the business.

In the horse business, Shane’s accomplishments are extensive. He has sold millions of dollars worth of horses and possesses deep knowledge in genetics and mating selection. Shane has lectured and advised across the globe, sharing his expertise widely. His commitment to the industry is reflected in his service on the National Cutting Horse Association’s Stallion Owners & Breeders Committee and his certification as an Appraiser with the American Society of Equine Appraisers. He has established thriving international markets for stallion services on six continents, with continuous operations in Australia, Europe, and Brazil. His efforts have notably generated over $3 million in direct economic impact for the Australian market.

Shane co-founded a pioneering technology platform, “Legendary Stakes,” which he believes will transform the Western Performance Horse Industry by uniting cross-performance opportunities and diversification in innovative ways. This platform offers groundbreaking opportunities for stallion owners, competitors, and breeders across 14 disciplines.

In real estate, Shane’s journey began through a series of partnerships that provided a rich learning experience. These early ventures laid the groundwork for his successful career in acquiring, renovating, and selling over 400 properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His hands-on experience has equipped him with what he humorously describes as a “PhD in what not to do.” Additionally, he has managed a rental portfolio of more than 100 properties, showcasing his expertise in property management and investment strategies.

Shane’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Chinese with a minor in Business from the University of Utah. He is an Eagle Scout and recipient of numerous national academic awards. He also dedicated two years to missionary service in Taiwan, enriching his cultural and linguistic skills. Throughout his life, Shane has held leadership positions in various capacities, demonstrating stability and forward-thinking.

Shane has competed in NCHA events, earning over $350,000 and securing numerous top placements and championships. He acknowledges the life lessons and mentorship he received from his father, who remains his greatest influence in the horse business. Shane credits his parents for instilling in him the values of entrepreneurship and hard work.

Outside his professional achievements, Shane enjoys breeding competition fancy pigeons and also, racing pigeons, aligning with his passion for genetics and animal husbandry. He takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and helping others succeed.

Central to Shane’s life are his faith, family, and commitment to community service. His Savior, Jesus Christ, is his foremost priority, followed by his devotion to his family—his high school sweetheart and wife, Jane, and their five children. Shane is dedicated to making a positive impact in his community and in every endeavor he undertakes.

If you’ve ever received an email response from his phone, the signature line simply states: “Sent by an Awesome Dude.” He believes in finding joy in every situation and never taking things too seriously.

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