SDP Services

Onsite Veterinary Services

SDP Buffalo Ranch is proud to announce that Dr. Emily Hughes is now the resident Veterinarian at SDP Buffalo Ranch. Some of the services she offers are listed below.

-Equine Reproduction

-Equine Sports Medicine

-Preventative Health Services

-Portable Digital X-ray

-Minor Surgical Procedures

-Basic Neonatal Care


Full-Service Equine Reproduction Facility

We are a full service reproduction facility that houses state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals.Stallion management, care, and semen handling are our specialties. Our decades in the horse business have given us a keen edge in horsemanship and equine care knowledge.

USDA Quarantine Facility

As a certified USDA Quarantine Facility, we are always up to code and qualifications to maintain the highest standards.

Full-Service Stallion Management

International Shipments

Mare Care and Board

Horses are treated as our own horses and will have a mix of pasture and stall care. Pasture board rates are only eligible for Year Round agreements..

Stalls are 12 x 12 MD construction mare stalls. Of the highest quality and materials. We have 200 mare stalls.

Dry Stall Board – $22.00 per day 

Wet Board – $23.50 per day 

Sale Preparation – $27.00 per day

Wet Pasture Board - $18.50

Stallion Board – $25.00 per day

Dry Pasture Board - $17.00

Cutting Horse Training
Sales & Sale Prep
Breeding & Horse Business Consulting