SDP Services

Full Service Equine Reproduction Facility

We are a full service reproduction facility that houses state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals.Stallion management, care, and semen handling are our specialties. Our decades in the horse business have given us a keen edge in horsemanship and equine care knowledge.

Attending Veterinarian

Kim Gardener in conjunction with Justin High, DVM and Mary Bumgarner DVM, is here to handle all of our clients reproductive needs.  Whether it is palpations, doing deep horn inseminations, embryo flushes, or just the daily observation for care and maintenance, she is here full time.

USDA Approved Facility

As a certified USDA Quarantine Facility, we are always up to code and qualifications to maintain the highest standards.

Collection Days

We will collect and process semen Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays beginning February 1st through July 15th. We will continue to collect semen after July 15th, but will be on need to ONLY basis.

Our Chute Fee:  $400:  It includes the collection and  processing  of semen.   For onsite mares there is a $250 cycle fee which covers all inseminations and palpations for any one reproductive cycle on a per stallion / per mare basis.  For rebreeds there is a Chute Fee only due. We can also breed your mares to an outside stallion via cooled or frozen semen by receiving the semen here on the ranch.  Breeders Invitational Nomination: (applies to nominated stallions only):  $125

Cooled Shipped Semen:

Pickup at the ranch is $150

Next day shipments are $250

Same day shipment via Airline (does NOT include courier fee) - $350 each

Frozen Semen

Processing Fee:  $250 per contract - Shipping:  $400 (all frozen semen shipments will contain two full breeding doses.)  The Frozen shipping container is the property of SDP Buffalo Ranch and is valued at $1500. If the container is not returned within 3 business days, the credit card will be charged accordingly. SDP Buffalo Ranch does require a 24-hour notice in order to prepare the tank for shipping.  SDP Buffalo Ranch semen collected  is frozen at the very highest standard.  We have been exporting our frozen semen since 2006 and have thousands of foals born both here and  internationally using our semen.

Mare Care and Board

Dry Board – $18.00 per day
Wet Board – 20.00 per day
Exercise Board – $20.00 per day
Sale Preparation – $20.00 per day
Stallion Board – $20.00 per day

Year Round Care

Horses are treated as our own horses and will have a mix of pasture and stall care. Pasture board rates are only eligible for Year Round agreements and Pasture board rate is $11 Per Day.

Stalls are 12 x 12 MD construction mare stalls. Of the highest quality and materials. We have 200 mare stalls.

Foaling Services

Foaling Fee is $400. All foal outs are attended by an expert and includes an enema and naval swab. Every precaution is taken for both mare and foal.

Embryo Transfers

We offer embryo flushing onsite here for $350. Upon successful embryo retrieval we will then transfer it using a recipient facility which we have dealings with or you can tell us whom you prefer to use. The recipient and transfer fees will be at market rate. We will do our very best to find the most competitive rates and best recipients possible.

Hauling Fee

$0.50 per mile.

Do not hesitate in contacting us on any and all questions you may have.